Network Introduction

➡️   This is an invite-only smartlink ad platform.
➡️   We pay our partners 1$ per signup on our dating and adult websites.
➡️   We offer our affiliates SMARTLINK technology that covers all the planet.
➡️   Minimum amount to get paid is 30 signups.
🏦   Found a higher EPC somewhere else? We will match the difference.

Exclusive deals and offers

We work with high-end partners, you will get the best payout in the industry, guaranteed.
If you bring in volume (as in 100+ leads per day), special deals can be made such as daily payments and payout increase.

How does it work?

1️⃣   You get invited to our program.
2️⃣   We give you a special link (called a smartlink) that counts your clicks as well as your signups.
3️⃣   You promote the link everywhere you can (1$ per signup).
4️⃣   You get paid the 30th of each month.
💳   Payments are done via Paypal and Payoneer.

Who are we?

We are a french affiliate network trying to conquer the dating business.
Our organization has paid over 300,000,000 euros to our partners since 2011.
Our user base contains more than 70,000,000 members.
More information as well as legal contact at

How to get in?

The program is in invite-only mode at the moment. We cannot proceed more requests.

Good luck! 😉

Yours truly, Jaber.